15 Types of Homemade All-Purpose Cleaning Agents

In this article, you will find some of the best homemade cleaning agents. You will also learn about their functions and how to use them in making simple DIY cleaners.

With the cost of commercial cleaning products skyrocketing almost daily, lots of people are beginning to accept homemade cleaners as a better alternative to the commercial ones.

While it is true that even the homemade cleaners do cost some amounts of money, they can be made from simple items that you may already have around the house.

Interestingly, some of the best ingredients for making different kinds of cleaners at home, are not all that costly to get. The majority of them cost just a little above $1. You can even get plenty of them below that amount.

When combined, these ingredients or agents can produce a very powerful homemade cleaner that can be used to clean any part of the house. Of course, putting them together to form a cleaning formula demand that you learn of the right proportion of each ingredient to add and when to add them.

Listed below are some of the most popular homemade cleaning agents and a few things you should know about them.

Best Homemade Cleaning Agents You Should Know

Majority of the homemade cleaners you come across usually contain two, three or more of these cleaning agents:

Most of the time you come across “vinegar” is included in the ingredients or recipe of any type of DIY cleaner, it is most likely being used to refer to distilled white vinegar. It is one of the cheapest, most natural, and non-toxic cleaning agents in multipurpose cleaning formulas and other types of homemade cleaners today.

Distilled white vinegar works as both a cleaning agent and a disinfecting agent. You can get it at a ridiculously cheap price from shops that deal with cleaning products. You can also buy it online from Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and several others. A sizeable amount of it (enough for making a DIY cleaner) should not cost much above $3. You can even get it for lesser than that. Though that depends on the bottle size and store you buy it from.

When combined with other ingredients like baking soda, you can get a very effective toilet cleaning product out of it. Left on its own, vinegar can be used as a powerful tool for mopping floors, removing stains from surfaces and eliminating germs.

Baking soda falls among the most common cleaning agents that are used in making homemade all-purpose cleaners. It is also among the cheapest.

Baking soda is ideal for cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, and other places around the house that usually have a very unpleasant smell. The reason is that the homemade cleaning agent is great at eliminating tough odors, stains, and grimes from such areas.

When used as a supply in cleaning, baking soda does not cause any damage to any type of surface it comes in contact with. Unlike others that usually scratch those surfaces.

The product is cheap, non-toxic, and highly effective. It can be easily combined with other supplies to produce a DIY cleaner, or it can be used alone for laundry purposes.

Baking soda can be bought online for less than $2. That makes it one of the most inexpensive homemade cleaning agents out there.

Many people know Hydrogen Peroxide to be a very important medical supply. They often use it as a disinfectant in the treatment of wounds and so on. What the majority don’t know, is that the product can also serve as a very powerful cleaning agent in homemade cleaners.

Hydrogen peroxide can dissolve tough stains, causing it to come off clothes and other surfaces easily. It can also serve as a disinfectant to get rid of different germs from the house.

H.P as it also called, can be combined with other home-made cleaning agents to produce the perfect cleaner for different purposes at home.

Rubbing alcohol is also one of the best ingredients for making a homemade cleaner. The cleaning agent is cheap and very easy to come by. You can get it online at almost all the top e-commerce websites today.

Rubbing alcohol can be used alongside other ingredients in making a very effective DIY cleaner. A 16-ounce bottle of this homemade cleaning agent can be bought less than $3 online. Do check it out on Amazon.

Do you love taking lemon juice? You are not alone. A whole lot of people do. But here’s another reason to pick up more of this the next time you go shopping: the extracts gotten from lemon works wonder in terms of cleaning.

Lemon is, in fact, one of the best homemade cleaning agents that you can easily come across. It comes with a pleasant scent that easily saturates the atmosphere. The good thing is, lemon is not a costly commodity at all. You can get as many of it as you want, whenever you have the need.

Essential oils are some of the best naturally occurring homemade cleaning agents. Tea Tree Oil is non-toxic, cheap, and very effective. It does not cause any known harm to humans on contact.

Tea tree oil helps in the elimination of bacteria, fungi, mold, and mildew. It is a great supply in cleaning that you can easily combine with other cleaning agents like vinegar to form a homemade all-purpose cleaner.

Like other essential oils, Tea tree oil comes with a very unique scent that most people often find very pleasant.

This homemade cleaning agent serves as a major ingredient in some DIY cleaners. The oil is known for its pleasant scent which easily fills the atmosphere wherever it is applied.

Due to its unique smell, lavender essential works an odor eliminator in most homemade cleaners. It also helps in eliminating micro-organisms on contact. Lavender oil is affordable and can be gotten from Amazon and several other stores online.

Salt is also one of the commonly used homemade cleaning agents. By salt here, I mean sea salt, table, or any other type. You can easily get this online at a very cheap price.

Though salt is a good option in DIY cleaners, you need to be sure it will work with the supplies you intend combining it with, so you don’t end up making a homemade cleaner that won’t meet your expectations.

This is a very powerful alternative to rubbing alcohol. The homemade cleaning agent functions almost exactly like the other, though a little bit more expensive. A litter of it costs around $7 online. You can check it out on your favorite online stores and compare their prices.

When combined with other supplies, cheap vodka be turned into a very powerful multi-purpose cleaner for use at home.

Borax is mainly used as an alternative to bleach in homemade cleaners. The cleaning agent is great at removing tough stains from different surfaces.

As great as Borax is, a lot of caution is needed when using it. The reason is that the chemical is very strong and is capable of irritating your skin. It is best to handle it wearing your safety gear. In case of irritation, wash with plenty of water and seek medical help as soon as you can.

Cornstarch is highly valuable in the laundry at home. It absorbs grease easily. It also helps in the elimination of stains on certain types of surfaces.

When used as a starching solution on clothes, Cornstarch works quite well. You can get it at a very affordable price online. Feel free to check it out on Amazon, eBay or Walmart, whichever one works for you.

Liquid castle soap is a multipurpose cleaner that can be used on nearly any surface in your home. It easily removes dirt, crimes, and stains. The formula is also great at removing oil and grease.

You can choose to use only the liquid castile soap in your cleaning or combine it with another supply. Either way, it works great.

Many people often make the mistake of thinking washing soda and baking soda are both the same. Well, they not. Though the two are greatly used for cleaning purposes, they are very different from each other.

Washing soda is a naturally occurring cleaning agent. It is very useful in making multipurpose homemade cleaners. It is very inexpensive, just like baking soda. You can use it to clean different surfaces, except aluminum.

15 Types of Homemade All-Purpose Cleaning Agents

Washing soda can be gotten from Amazon and several other online platforms.


We have in this article discussed homemade cleaning agents, their uses, and where to buy them. You can combine two or more of them to form a DIY multipurpose cleaner that you can use to clean almost any surface at home.

Are you searching for the best homemade cleaning agent to make your cleaning formulas?

I hope you find this information helpful.

Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner: Are They Effective?

A homemade all-purpose cleaner can be prepared using simple ingredients that are easily found at home. You only need a few directions on how to do it right.

Are you searching for a DIY multi-purpose cleaner? Do you want to learn how to make a homemade all-purpose cleaner?

This article explains the step by step processes involved and the necessary ingredients you will need to make one yourself. Read on!

There are several types of homemade multi-purpose cleaners which can be done in just a few minutes. Though they are formulated using different ingredients, they all have one thing in common.

That is the fact that they are all made from natural ingredients that do not leave any negative impact on the environment.

Are They Effective?

The fact that these DIY all-purpose cleaners are made using all-natural ingredients most times, gets people wondering about their effectiveness.

Most people prefer the commercial cleaners, believing that they are more effective than the homemade ones.

The fact is, a homemade all-purpose cleaner can be almost as effective as the commercial type, It all boils down to the ingredients used and how you use them, in terms of the preparation.

If done correctly, you can trust the DIY cleaners to do the same work the commercial ones will do. The benefits that come with homemade cleaning products are so much that you should start considering making one yourself. Check out some of these benefits below.

Why DIY All-Purpose Cleaners Are Such A Great Idea

Like I already mentioned, homemade multi-purpose cleaners have quite some benefits attached to them.

Most commercial cleaning products are made with toxic chemicals. That means they are not completely safe for use at home. And sometimes, even the ones we trust to be “green” cleaners are not totally “green “. They often have chemicals added to them which you may not completely be aware of.

By making your cleaner at home, you get to decide the exact chemical to use and the quantity also. Whatever you feel is OK for you, you use it. You don’t have such control with commercial cleaners.

Some DIY cleaners are so cheap to make that you can’t help but wonder why in the world you’ve been spending quite some bucks going for the commercial ones. I mean, all you need to spend for a homemade all-purpose cleaner may just be a few cents. Especially if you already have any or some of the ingredients at home.

You don’t have to spend all the time reading through reviews online in the hope of getting the best commercial cleaner to use in your home. You can just put a few ingredients together and in less than 5 minutes you have a homemade cleaner.

With the right ingredients and recipe, DIY purpose cleaners can be very effective. You can use them to clean any surface at all, wiping away tough stains, grease, and dirt. They can also serve as a very powerful tool for eliminating all kinds of germs.

There is this special feeling you get when you have successfully made an all-purpose cleaner yourself. You just feel like a “genius”. Of course, there is a genius in every man. DIY cleaners may just be one of the ways you unlock yours.

These are just a few of the reasons you should consider giving homemade all-purpose cleaners a chance. You will not only be happy with the outcome, but you will also enjoy the process.

Ingredients For Making A Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner

Several ingredients can be used in the making of a multi-purpose cleaner at home. Since one of the main reasons for DIY cleaners is to limit the use of chemicals, you need to use only what you consider necessary in making yours. Keep it as simple as possible. Do not just add every ingredient you see out there. Stick to the most important ones which are listed below.

Essential oils like Cedarwood oil, Cinnamon oil, Coffee oil, Lemongrass oil, Orange oil, Parsley oil, Peppermint oil, and Thyme oil, are some of the best natural plant-derived ingredients you can use in homemade all-purpose cleaner.

The oils contain properties that make them antifungal, antibacterial, antiseptic, and germicidal. They also add a special fragrance to your DIY cleaner. You can choose any of them for this.

The best disinfectant or sterilizer so far to use in making a DIY multi-purpose cleaner, is hydrogen peroxide. The natural chemical in its diluted form contains 97 percent water and 3 percent hydrogen peroxide. It is fully approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and is safe for use at home.

Hydrogen peroxide is known to eliminate mold, mildew, fungus, and bacteria on contact. When used in cleaning, it is known to be very tough on stains and dirt, completely removing them from surfaces it is applied.

If you are going to make a homemade all-purpose cleaner, hydrogen peroxide is one of the best options to go for.

This is another option people who don’t want to use hydrogen peroxide go for. It does almost the same thing as hydrogen peroxide though the former is a better option in terms of effectiveness and the ability to work on any surface.

Your choice of a spray bottle is dependent on the ingredients you plan on using and the size of the cleaner you hope to make.

If you are going to use hydrogen peroxide, it is best to use the bottle you bought in. If you are to use a different bottle, try finding something Opaque. A bottle that won’t attract much light to the contents.

Once all of these are available, you can follow the guidelines below to make the cleaning formula in less than 5 minutes.

How To Make A Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner (A Step -by Step Guide)

Here is how to make the formula for home cleaning that will be very effective, even against the toughest stains and dirt.


If you do not want to use hydrogen peroxide, you can use vinegar for this too. Here is how to do it.


How To Use The Homemade Cleaner In Housekeeping

To use the homemade all-purpose cleaner you just made in cleaning surfaces, here is how to do it.

Common Reasons The Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner May Not Work For You

Most DIY all-purpose cleaners are very effective. However, for some reason, you may discover the one you made is not working as supposed.

The following are common reasons that can lead to that:

In Summary

We have in this article discussed homemade all-purpose cleaner; the benefits, how to make it, and the ingredients you need for it.

Are you searching for how to make simple DIY multi-purpose cleaners at home?

I hope you find the information in this guide useful.

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