Does IKEA Take Old Furniture Back? (Basic Facts)

If you have had your IKEA furniture for a long time, chances are that you are looking to replace it with a newer, better model.

But what to do with your old one?

Does IKEA take old furniture back?

IKEA offers services that will come and pick up old furniture such as mattresses and kitchen appliances to recycle them for you. If you aren’t swapping furniture, you can pay to have old furniture removed or to recycle it at your nearest IKEA location.

Sustainability is very important to IKEA, and therefore recycling and removing old products is something they are passionate about.

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Will IKEA Pick Up Old Furniture?

When purchasing or removing old furniture, IKEA will assist you.

IKEA has been known to remove furniture during a “swap”, or when you have purchased something new and need the old one removed. They also offer services to come and remove old furniture without buying something new.

However, for those services, you will usually pay a fee of roughly $30 USD or €25.

IKEA takes sustainability and recycling very seriously, and are more than willing to work with you on your old products!

Can You Return Old Furniture to IKEA?

Almost all IKEA locations have recycling bins, facilities, or designated areas that you can use.

This is for recycling or repurposing your old and outdated furniture pieces.

However, you can’t return and earn money back on old, used furniture through IKEA.

There are incentive programs that were introduced back in 2016 when it came to paying customers for their old furniture, but it is not clear if this practice remains today in 2020 at all or any IKEA locations.

Still, you can rest assured that your old furniture may be returned and repurposed into something great and new for someone else.

You, yourself, might have something from IKEA that was made from recycled materials!

Does IKEA Take Old Furniture Back? (Basic Facts)

Does IKEA Take Old Mattresses Back?

IKEA does take old mattresses back.

You can either recycle them or have services come pick them up.

If you have bought a new mattress, you can make an on-the-spot swap!

This means that when your new mattress shows up, they will simply take back your old one.

Does IKEA Take Kitchen Appliances Back?

IKEA offers their removal and recycling program for its White Goods products and appliances.

They will remove your old materials and swap them with your new purchase, even installing them for you!

From electrical appliances to the kitchen sink, IKEA has your back!

Does IKEA Take Old Batteries Back?

IKEA does take old batteries back.

However, the do not make trips to pick up batteries. Instead, consider dropping them off at your nearest IKEA location.

IKEA has many different recycling options and opportunities for you to use for batteries.

When they first launched their initiatives to make use of recycled materials, IKEA was able to collect six tons of batteries in a little less than a week.

This means that not only is the company working hard to do more for the environment, but customers are very receptive to the idea of reducing their waste and their negative footprint on the earth and environment.

Does IKEA Take Old Beds & Sofas Back?

IKEA will remove any old furniture that you have and recycle them at their designated facilities.

If you have bought a new bed you can swap your old bed frame or mattress with IKEA movers or their assigned movers that have been hired by IKEA to help you.

You can also hire their services to remove furniture of yours even if you aren’t buying a new bed at the time of recycling your old one.

How Does the Return Program Work?

IKEA’s removal and recycling programs are different from their return policy.

If you have purchased a bed from IKEA and are not satisfied with that purchase within 365 days, you can return the item to the company with proof of purchase.

In most cases, you can contact the company and have the item removed and your money refunded, even if you have assembled the item (however it must be in great condition). This is their regular “item return policy”.

However, IKEA’s “removal and recycling” program allows you to contact them to remove goods and furniture (as well as their White Goods and Appliances products) for a fee of roughly $30 USD or €25.

This is a great alternative to a swap if you aren’t ready to make your next purchase already.

How Does IKEA Dispose of All These Old Products?

In an article written back in 2016 (see references below), the IKEA chief sustainability officer issued a statement stating that IKEA products that no longer have usefulness or who have outlived their lives as a certain piece of furniture can be “reincarnated” or repurposed into something new and useful!

IKEA takes the environment and its impact seriously on a public scale, and they often request that you bring old furniture to them to prevent it from going into a landfill.

The use of old wood, plastics, metal, and other materials to be repurposed into new products is a big part of how IKEA will use your furniture.

This means that the raw materials of your old goods can be reworked into a brand new kitchenette room or even just as a new bookshelf.


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