Here’s 5 Ways How IKEA Can Improve

How Can IKEA Improve?

IKEA is an incredible furniture franchise. They have great furniture, affordable products, and delicious snacks. People all over the world spend Saturdays snacking on meatballs and scoping out cheap deals. Even though IKEA is an impressive store, there are always ways to improve. Here are five ways they could improve their stores.

Open more Stores

IKEA has stores all over the world. There is no questioning where to find an IKEA because they have stores in 26 countries. Other than in Antarctica, they have stores in every continent. Even though they have stores in many countries, they could increase their stores. They have many stores in the United States, but not in all states. They could increase their range by including a store in every state.

Here’s 5 Ways How IKEA Can Improve

Increase Customer Service

One of the biggest critics of IKEA is that it doesn’t have high-quality customer service. This is because IKEA doesn’t have many employees on the floor. They reduce their employees so they can have more money to put into their products. This is smart so their products can be affordable, but they might consider finding a way to do both.

Reduce their use of Wood

IKEA uses wood in a lot of their produces. They are a sustainable company, but their wood intake is very high. They could make better products and help save the planet by using different resources. They are slowly making improvements that could help their business, and is highly sustainable. For example, they’ll be reducing a line of products made from plastic found in the ocean.

Produce More Unique Products

IKEA is perfect for people with a simple design taste. But for people who like spunkier styles, IKEA does not have many options. They could cater people who like patterns and bright colors simply by adding a few of these products to their store. Instead of offering colors in black, grey, brown, and white, they could mix it up by adding in colors like yellow and blue.

Announce Discontinued Products

Sometimes products at IKEA are discontinued to make room for new ones. Often people miss out on products they initially wanted and have to scour the internet for second-hand ones. People have complained online about missing out on products they had once wanted. If IKEA would simply announce the product is to be discontinued, they may get a surge in customers that want to buy the product before it’s gone.

There are many ways to improve a store, and these are just a few IKEA can use. However, they are doing very well anyway. These could help, but overall IKEA is a great company that doesn’t necessarily need help improving. They are always making changes and trying to please their customers.

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