How to Clean Old Wooden Furniture

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How to Clean Old Wooden Furniture

This article was co-authored by Guy Peters. Guy Peters is the Owner of MOP STARS Cleaning Service, a complete house cleaning service for residential and commercial clients, based in Denver, Colorado. Founded in 2014, MOP STARS provides regular, move in/out, deep, and commercial cleaning services. Guy has a BA in Finance from the California State University - Sacramento and an MBA from Cornell University.

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Your old wooden furniture may have collected a layer of grime that makes it difficult for you to see the beautiful finish that it once had. But have no fear! With proper cleaning and maintenance, your old wooden furniture will be restored back to its original shine in no time. Because the wood is older, you need to start by using a mild cleaning solution to clear away the dust and grime. After that, it's just a matter of removing any stains or marks on the furniture and applying a light finish and it's as good as new! With proper maintenance, your old wooden furniture will continue to look clean and shiny.


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