Find the Right Fastener for Every Job

Fasteners, like screws and nuts, nails, bolts, anchors and machine bushings, are essential for a variety of commercial and residential building applications. Need help figuring out which fastener to use? With so many fastening supplies to choose from, you might not know where to start. Read on for information on popular fastener types and their intended use.

Screws: versatile fastener used for wood, drywall, machinery and other applications. From deck and cabinet screws to machine and roofing screws, we have options for every task.

Nails: a common fastener used for jobs ranging from picture hanging to installing siding. Partial to a specific brand? We have several trusted brands to choose from, including Bostitch nails, Grip-Rite, Metabo HPT and more.


Bolts: used to fasten wood and metal together in conjunction with nuts. Bolts are available in a variety of styles, including carriage bolts, lag bolts, eye bolts and anchor bolts. Looking for SIMPSON anchor bolts or another specific brand? Use our filters to shop by brand, bolt diameter, bolt length and finish.

Nuts: fasten parts into place in conjunction with bolts. Available in hex nuts, lock nuts, wing nuts and cap nuts. We have a large nuts and bolts assortment to help you with any project. Looking for nuts and bolts storage? Check out our selection here.

Washers: used with nuts and bolts. Washers keep fasteners from loosening.

Anchors: available for both drywall and concrete applications. Drywall anchors come in different styles and are used to keep screws secure in drywall. Concrete anchors also come in a variety of styles (wedge, sleeve, drop-in) and are used to keep screws in place in concrete.

Staples: used for a variety of jobs — from stapling hardwood floors in place to upholstering furniture.

Tacks: used to secure carpet into place, finish upholstery and more.

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