Häfele Design Showrooms:

Design concepts and ideas can be better understood when they are experienced in LIVE set-ups. This is the ideology that backs the company’s initiative of establishing state-of-the-art design showrooms; where customers can walk in and experience world-class functionality, seamlessly rooted in latest global design trends. Quite inherent to what they do, Häfele is a strong believer of the mantra that ‘Form follows Function’ and the trick is to combine Functionality with Aesthetics and make them work in almost unperceivable unison. This is explicitly displayed in all Häfele Design Showrooms worldwide.To this experience of functionality, Häfele adds a competent dimension of designing services for kitchens and wardrobes ably extended to customers by an expert team of Designers who exclusively operate from these Design Showrooms.

Häfele Design Showrooms:

The typical layout of any of Häfele’s Design Showrooms includes real-time displays of the company’s many product functionalities including a LIVE kitchen which is equipped with storage areas, appliances and other utilities.

Taking every precaution towards your safety:

The Häfele Design Showrooms offer a completely safe and secure environment for customers, especially in these unprecedented times. All our showrooms have been equipped with sanitizers, gloves and masks for walk-in visitors. Our own showroom staff is duly screened every morning before they enter the showroom premise and they have to mandatorily wear face masks and gloves throughout the day. The entire showroom is thoroughly sanitized every day while the washrooms are cleaned and washed every hour. We would like to assure you that we are following all directives given by the pertinent Authorities to ensure that we provide you with a safe and secure experience.

Having said that, we will be even better prepared to serve you if you pre-book your visit with us by calling the Häfele representative of the showroom nearest to you.

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