It’s time to make sustainable and human-centred design the new standard for all public spaces. We're launching Ascent seating system into healthcare


trees planted thanks to 608 Green projects worldwide

Working alongside architects and healthcare managers as a trusted design partner to find the right choices for each clinical setting, we now offer Ascent healthcare solution, a practical and aesthetic solution to hospitals and their staff that meets the official requirements.

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We make public spaces thrive

We’re working to boost the standard of public space interiors, bringing nature indoors, connecting people to places, and with each other.


We design for travellers and commuters, families, and individuals, making comfortable environments a part of every...

Designing transport hubs


We create places that make commercial centres more memorable, because feeling good is part of the experience. The...

Designing retail spaces


Places inspired by nature have the power to nurture and soothe, bringing a sense of wellbeing to clinical environments....

Designing healthcare spaces


Our approach creates the right kind of learning environment, making it easier for students to learn, share knowledge...

Designing educational spaces


Whether working with a blank canvas or retrofitting a terminal, we will help you bring a comfortable experience from...

It’s time to make sustainable and human-centred design the new standard for all public spaces. We're launching Ascent seating system into healthcare

Designing airports


Natural materials and living plants do more than transform workplace environments – they make them come alive. Nature...

Designing workplaces

We design placemaking modular solutions

We provide modular seating and lighting solutions for public space interiors, adding placemaking values and delivering a memorable experience with a positive impact for the visitor, the world, and everyone in between.

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Ascent Seating

As its name suggests, Ascent is a seating system that elevates public space furniture to new heights. The series was created in consultation with architects and planners to create a flexible, modular system that could change and adapt as its surroundings evolve. Designed with placemaking in mind, Ascent’s soft contours, smooth textures, and sustainable wood make public space interiors warmer and more welcoming.

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Our seating line Nova C gives you the flexibility and freedom of design through modularity to create configurations as unique as your space with the potential to offer room for both interaction and privacy.The design of the bench shapes a seamless seating line for...

Nova C Seating


The Leaf Lamp system provides ambient lighting and acoustic solutions for a wide range of public interiors. Each lamp enhances the surroundings with diffuse light, soft textures, and natural materials. The shade is crafted from class A-certified* sound-absorbing and...

Leaf Lamp Lighting


The Seamless Table is much more than a surface – it's a modular tabletop design capable of creating a space within a space. The contouring tabletops are inspired by natural shapes to create multipurpose spaces. The table includes charging stations and is perfect for...

Seamless Table


Our accessories series of dividers, planters and recycle bins are designed to fit our seating series. They also work very well as stand-alone...


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Let us design your next public space project

Our in-house designers will help you with a free 3D floor-plan rendering with our placemaking solutions.

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Green places tell stories

You will find Green places all over the world. From an airport in Dubai, Topanga shopping mall in LA, to the train station at Stockholm Central. And we won’t stop there. Our vision is to make public spaces thrive, and we are challenging the perception of what a public space could look like.

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Keflavik International Airport

Keflavik International Airport uses the Nova C seating series from Green to have a welcoming square with many seats. On an area of app 400 meters including isles where 5 million people pass every year, 240 seats in the shape of eight waves give a natural, free and easy place to stop and take a breath. The new design of the area slows down the pace and make passengers at ease, to the joy of the surrounding stores and Food & Beverage.

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University Hospital of Malmö

The Emergency Hall of Malmö University Hospital is a successful example of Furniture-as-a-Service subscription program. Their old furniture did not cope with the wear and tear, which lead to having the organization put the time into taking care of furniture instead of taking care of the people. At the end of 2016, the seating in the emergency waiting room was changed to Green's Nova C Series with a special "wide rib" customization.

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London Bridge Station

This train station is a prime example of "placemaking" design in action. Discover how Green helped to turn this ordinary space into an unforgettable destination with durable and comfortable furniture that integrates effortlessly into the architecture of the building. The result is increased seating capacity and passenger satisfaction.

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Rive Gauche Charleroi

From design aesthetic, to retail offerings and community gathering points, this mall is doing everything right. As the retail sector evolves, Rive Gauche has embraced the fact that they must be much more than a simple shopping center. With a fluid, light and urban design, they have turned themselves into a trendy, joyful and colorful destination for the entire downtown community.

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“We’re on a mission to become forerunners in sustainable public space interiors. By working together as a global team, we can set a new standard for sustainable design that will spread around the world.”

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We share industry knowledge and insights

We’re setting out to make sustainability the new standard for public space design by constantly seeking and sharing industry knowledge and insights.

Nature as designer: Biophilic design in modern placemaking

“One of the great challenges of our time is to bring the beneficial experience of...

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Public furniture in the art of placemaking

“Placemaking is turning a public space from a place you can’t wait to get...

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Sensible social distancing solutions for Covid-19 recovery

Green Furniture is shifting public spaces away from Band-Aid solutions by offering...

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Wellbeing through placemaking hospital design

Covid has brought another light on the public space, and the demands for unique...

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Passenger experience shapes future design

The best of today’s modern railways give passengers a glimpse of the...

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Joined-up thinking with modular seating

The qualities offered by modularity in public furniture are increasingly in demand,...

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