The Many Parts of a Couch (2 Illustrated Diagrams)


Ever wonder what the many different parts of a couch are on the outside and inside? We put together this custom diagram illustrating the anatomy of a sofa. It's very cool and detailed. You'll love this.

The Many Parts of a Couch (2 Illustrated Diagrams)

Have you ever wondered exactly all what’s involved in couch design with respect to all the different parts of a couch. It’s a fairly complex piece of furniture.

There are many parts both on the exterior and interior. We decided to dig in and get to the bottom of the anatomy of a sofa and put together a custom diagram showing you all the different components to a couch design. Below is our diagram that includes a very informative cross-section so you get a glimpse of what’s inside a typical sofa.

Enjoy (and if you think this is useful or cool, please pin and share).

Parts of a Couch (Diagram)

Sofa Exterior Components

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Sofa Interior Parts


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