Caribbean Style Furniture for That Island Hopping Feel

There’s something refreshing and fun about tropical room design that evokes a Caribbean vibe. Today’s Caribbean style decor can infuse your home with a timeless, beachy look that celebrates the sea and lush tropical foliage. With unforgettable hues, crisp textiles, and wooden pieces, you can create a stunning island-inspired space.

Incorporate Bright Colors

While there are many popular interior decor styles that are built around white and neutral tones, tropical style decorating is not one of them. From vivid accents to radiant walls, think tropical when you choose your colors. You can keep it soothing and simple, or go all out with unexpected colors. Then use white to make the colors pop.

Caribbean Style Furniture for That Island Hopping Feel

If the sea and sky are your focus, don’t hesitate to use shades of blue, blue green, and beige to evoke windswept beaches. You can put a modern spin on Caribbean style by incorporating tropical hues and invigorating brights into your island style furniture.

Crisp Textiles

When choosing textiles for your Caribbean-style home, think crisp. White is a popular choice to make other colors stand out. You can use it as a background for colorful embroidered patterns, or to create contrast for other textiles in more colorful hues.

Above, the rich green tropical print against the white sheets is both striking and inviting. This juxtaposition of colors and prints sets off the Caribbean-style bedroom furniture from the Twin Palms Collection by Tommy Bahama Home. The collection features craftsman-quality workmanship in natural materials such as rattan, crushed bamboo, and woven raffia.

Global Accents

The Caribbean islands have been touched by a multitude of cultures from French and Spanish to Dutch, African, and English. These influences blend into a unique style on tropical furnishings and decor. That means incorporating plenty of bright colors and sun-bleached white accents for a rustic, beachy vibe. White-framed windows with bamboo shades let in light, while accessories such as large corals, glass bowls of shells, and natural floor coverings bring the look together.

Caribbean furniture brings in beautiful wooden accents and adds depth and contrast. Bamboo, rattan, and woven furnishings are great choices for Caribbean-inspired spaces. The Beach House collection from Tommy Bahama Home evokes a sense of beach furniture for the living room, but with added elegance and comfort. The eclectic mix of coastal and Caribbean styling reflects global influences and adds a sense of richness to the space.

Infusing tropical style into your interior design can liven up any space in your home. However, if you are having a hard time becoming inspired, visit the Baer’s Furniture showroom near you for tropical tips for your decor. Take advantage of the complimentary design service to turn your home into a Caribbean resort.

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